paul slater designer landscapes gardens designed for life
paul slater designer landscapes gardens designed for life 

Pauls design style.

It is so important to get the design right before any work starts. Paul Slater Designer Landscapes helps inspire, plan and install the perfect outside space for you and your family. Whether you want to create a brand-new garden or are simply looking for ways to improve what you already have, it all starts with a good design: Effective space management will allow you to use your garden the way you want, considered use of materials and plants (all correctly installed) will ensure your garden remains solid, develops well and remains stylish for many years. Pauls holistic approach ensures your new garden has a sense of place, a sense of purpose and is unique to you. Your new garden can be designed either as a whole or in smaller more manageable sections, paying particular attention to the practicality and feasibility of your design on both large and more modest scales. Paul combines natural, proven materials combined with contemporary styling that sit comfortably in the surrounding vernacular. This way a timeless architectural quality is achieved that is not constrained by the labels of ‘traditional’ or ‘modern’.

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