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Garden Design and Landscape Construction.


Garden Design and Landscape Construction


When considering having a garden landscaped, most people can benefit from the experience and knowledge of a professional garden designer. A good designer can help make the most of the space available and ensure investments are made in the right areas while avoiding potentially costly  pitfalls and legal issues. Bold ideas and solid principles will result in a well-balanced and cohesive space that is perfect for you and the way you want to live.  


"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." – Abraham Lincoln


It is so important to get the design right. Pauls holistic approach ensures your new garden has a sense of place, a sense of purpose and is unique to you. Your new garden can be designed either as a whole or in smaller more manageable sections, paying particular attention to the practicality and feasibility of your design on both large and intricate scales.

Pauls preferred style uses natural, proven materials that sit comfortably  in the surrounding landscape, combined with contemporary styling. This way a timeless architectural quality is achieved that is not constrained by the labels of ‘traditional’ or ‘modern’.  

Garden designs are available nationwide via a ‘remote design’ service and will be tailored to best suit the scope of the project and can include all the planning required to enable a smooth and efficient construction process and meeting the requirements of CDM regulations.

A design may include concept plans, simple outline plans, 3D visualisations and detailed construction drawings. The aim is to show what your new garden will look like and how it will be built before work starts. Once a design is agreed Paul can help you find the most suitable landscape contractor to implement the design.


Project monitoring is a cost-effective alternative to full project management and helps ensure the best possible outcome for your garden. Advisory visits as the project progresses ensures it stays true to the design and specifications.


Once the main landscaping work is complete Paul can provide all the plants, furniture and any other features.


Paul can also offer, where suitable, a combined garden design and construction service. This can save time and uncertainty finding a suitable contractor.  Once a design is agreed Paul can build it for you in its entirety from start to finish. Start dates for the construction can be booked early on in the design process, speeding up the entire process and potentially saving on the design fees.


Every project is meticulously planned, in logical phases with itemised quotes. A fixed price and staged payment process will all be agreed in contracts before work starts.  An industry leading 5 year guarantee on all work (except planting) gives peace of mind that your garden will give a lifetime of pleasure.


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