Garden Design by Paul Slater
Garden Design by Paul Slater  

‘Garden Doctor’ - Advice and Consultations 

If you ask 10 gardeners the same question, you will probably get 10 different answers – and all believe they are correct!  Among all the confusing and conflicting information nothing beats independent, professional advice to help with your garden conundrums.


Paul is the official ‘Garden Doctor’ to ‘The Garden Shows’ where he offers advice and guidance on many garden related subjects.


A ‘Garden Doctor’ an on-site, verbal consultation to offer impartial, expert advice based on extensive professional knowledge. 


Garden Doctor subjects covered so far include:

  • Design ideas and ‘how to’ advice,
  • Legal requirements and limitations for major landscaping projects,
  • Paving choice and construction,
  • BBQ and outdoor kitchens,
  • Problem areas and solutions and plant recommendations,
  • Soil type and basic soil analysis,
  • Most garden/ landscaping topics,
  • Plant identification,
  • Tree selection and pruning,
  • Maintenance requirements and care of specific plants or areas,
  • Basic garden layout,
  • Advice for novice gardeners.


Garden Doctor fees: (Payments are requested in advance of the visit).


  • Within 30 minutes travelling - £55 per hour.
  • Outside 30 minutes travelling - will be charged at day rate or ½ day rate (currently £300 / £150)  depending on distance and size of the garden.




For when you need a more formal approach, possibly with written reports, further research or any follow up work.


This includes trouble shooting landscaping issues and faults and ‘statements of opinion’ prior to seeking legal action against a contractor.


A consultation looks at one or more specific issues (agreed prior to the visit) and gives expert opinion on the causes. A written report will be forwarded to you (and your legal team if required) within 5 working days of the visit.  The consultation is impartial; opinion and follow up reports will be based on current ‘best practice’, Building regulations and current British Standards for the appropriate topic.


Consultations start at £400 (including travelling time). To be paid in advance.



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