Garden Design by Paul Slater
Garden Design by Paul Slater  

Remote Garden Design 

Making garden design affordable and accessible to everyone. 


My remote design service is available across the UK. It is a simplified version of my normal design service and is perfect for either those wishing to construct their own garden or for professional landscapers who don’t have time to design or who want to offer a further service to their clients. Prices start from just £300


Use the ‘contact us’ form on the website to request a ‘Remote Design’. I will send a simple  survey/ questionnaire that helps you to start thinking about what you would like from your new garden and forms the basis of your design brief. You will need to measure your garden and show where the house sits in the plot. Include positions of windows and doors of the house and any lines of sight that need to be disguised or enhanced. Include positions of any trees, garden buildings, inspection chambers, overhead lines or anything that may affect the design.  Include photos of the house and garden from different angles and any photos of gardens that inspire you. 


I will contact you when all the information is received to ask any further questions and to confirm the fee for the design.  I try to get the designs completed as quickly as possible but can take upto 3 weeks. The following are available as a remote design service:


□ Concept plan – This consists of a scaled 2-D layout plan showing hard landscaping (patios and pergolas etc.) and soft landscaping (plants and lawns) and details any changes in levels, walls, steps, water features etc. A couple of images will be produced from that plan showing the main views through the new garden. Suggestions for materials, colour schemes and planting will give you an idea on how all the elements fit together. A concept plan can be enough for a keen DIY installation or for a professional Landscape contractor to interpret into their own style.   Up to 3 concept plans can be produced for the same garden.


□ Working plan – Once the Concept plan is approved a Working Plan can be developed incorporating any changes required or combining your favourite features from several concept plans.   A working plan expands the concept to include more of the information required to construct your garden as a DIY installation or for a contractor to interpret.  It includes a separate ‘layout and construction plan’ with measurements and setting out lines. Multiple images are created showing the new garden from different angles during the day and at night if lighting is specified. There will be a list of materials and approximate quantities required along with some basic recommendations  and specifications.  Suitable for keen DIY or professional installation. A professional landscaper/ contractor will need to provide their own CDM plan.


□ Planting plan - Plants make a garden. Good planting design is an integral part of the design process. Placing the right plant in the right place is my guiding principle when it comes to planting. This ensures that your plants are not only suited to your gardens style, but also to the environment, soil type, sun exposure and water/ drought tolerance. Plants can be used to screen unsightly views, enhance existing views or create focal points.  A comprehensive 2-D planting plan can be created for you.  The planting plan will show the exact position of each plant and give details of its species and cultivar as well as the number required and the recommended size to plant so that your garden matures at the same time. Photos of the plants are provided for a quick and easy reference and full life-long care guide provided. 


Designs can take upto 3 weeks to complete depending on demand.


Example Fees – (prices correct as of October 2023. 

Garden size

Concept plan (each)

Working plan

Planting plan

Up to 100 sq meters




Up to 200 sq meters




Up to 300 sq meters




Up to 400 sq meters









Gardens over 500sq meters - please contact me for details.


Additional works: Charged at either full day or 1/2 day rate (£300 per day)

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